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Cool Features

Choosing the right prepaid card can save you time and money. The Young Money Prepaid Discover® Card is packed with benefits that do both by offering:

  1. Direct deposit, so you can put your paycheck right on your prepaid card
  2. Online bill pay, so you can save money on gas and stamps
  3. Online card account tools, so you can set a budget, monitor spending and print monthly statements
  4. Text and email alerts, so you can have access to your balance from anywhere
  5. MoneyPak reload, so you can load your card at thousands of retail reload locations, like:
  6. Up to 25% cash back shopping opportunities powered by:
  7. Shop online and get cash back on your card with every purchase! We've partnered with to provide from 1-25% cash back on every online purchase from over 1,500 retailers like Gap, Macy's, Nordstrom's, Target, Walmart, and Puma.
  8. Prescription, imaging and lab test savings card, so you can save money from medical expenses
  9. And much more!

It's safer than cash, and can be used everywhere Discover is accepted.

Enroll today for your Young Money Card!